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Extensions - New Build - Garages and Cart Lodges - Alterations or Renovations - Driveways and Pathways - Fencing and Landscaping - Timber Frame Construction

All of our members of staff are extremely qualified and friendly and together we offer our clients a full carpentry/building service.

At Seeley Build, we pride ourselves on being one of the most skilled and efficient Kitchen Fitters in the Bury St Edmunds area. Having had a long and established career, we provide the most beautiful and bespoke kitchen sets, as well as fitting them to a high standard, designed for longevity and with attention to detail. Our projects are conducted with precise measurements, detailed specifications, and most importantly, customer service with a smile. We fit top of the range kitchen sets at competitive prices. From ultra-sleek modern units, rustic Scandinavian styles, colourful character sets and a traditional cottage-like kitchens, we cater for all tastes and styles, and we are sure that we will be able to work with you to help create your perfect kitchen. From start to finish, from plaster to metal to wood, from the first drill to the last wipe-down, we always strive our best to give you exceptional service and a quality product. We run a tight ship, ensuring that every kitchen is a safe and secure working area, and that we leave you with a clean and finished kitchen set that you can be happy with. Always ready to provide advice, we welcome all enquires in regards to your kitchen fitting needs, and we are available for calls for any questions you may have. We understand the need for tight deadlines, exceptional work, and a level of creativity and problem solving that comes with any kitchen fitting project, and at Seeley Build we have a dedicated team of kitchen-fitting savants who are knowledgeable, skilled, and trust-worthy. We have built our reputation on being a reliable and efficient company who at its heart has the customers vision in mind. For all your Kitchen Fitters Bury St Edmunds needs, give Seeley Build a call.

Home Extensions

We can build and manage extensions of all sizes. Let us take the worry out of any proposed building work.

All Plastic Windows, Fascias and Doors, Aluminium Products

From fascias to windows, to bi-folding doors, we can design and replace most windows in high-performance UPVC with A-rated Thermo glass. We have a team to design, build and install all your UPVC or aluminium products with us - No Maintenance, No Worries. Our aluminium products are manufactured right here in the heart of Suffolk. This means you can even come along and see them being made for your home.

Insurance Work

We can produce highly detailed quotes specifically designed for insurance purpose to ensure you don't experience delays in your claim.

Kitchen Fitters Bury St Edmunds

We can design kitchens that are tailored and designed to suit individual customer requirements. Fully fitted service is available. We have been working together with highly regarded kitchen suppliers for years to ensure you receive the best service.

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